DOT 111 Non-Jacketed CPC-1232 Ethanol Cars

At the April AAR TCC meeting, the FRA reminded everyone of certain Class 3 flammable liquid commodities (such as ethanol) and the phase out of DOT 111 non-jacketed CPC-1232 tank cars by July 1, 2023. PHMSA defined ethanol as: UN1170, NA1987, UN1987, or UN3475.

No loaded tank car may be offered into transportation and the FRA will not grant an OTMA for a loaded tank car. Residue tank cars will only be allowed to move with an OTMA from the FRA or Temporary Certificate from TC.

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Document Retention

49 CFR §180.517 covers reporting and record retention requirements. Tank car owners are required to maintain certain documents (such as drawings, COCs, qualification paperwork, etc) as specified in AAR CIII Chapter 1 paragraph 1.3.15 which specifies paragraph 1.6. The documents and retention periods are listed in a table under paragraph 1.6.4. These documents must be maintained by the car owner and transferred to the new car owner upon sale.

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