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Subcontractor and Supplier Audits


As a valued industry colleague, we feel that it is important to keep you informed with the status of AllTranstek’s Regulatory services by introducing Subcontractor and Supplier audits. The audit helps the tank car facility meet the certification requirements of AAR Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices, M-1002 & M-1003. Specification M-1003, Chapter 2, paragraph 2.9 requires a facility to:


Determine for those subcontracted and purchased products an appropriate method of verifying that the products/services conform to specified requirements. Typical methods include but are not limited to the following:
Source inspection by facility.
Surveillance of subcontractor.


In addition, Specification M-1002, Appendix B, paragraph 3.4 states:

­­­For each subcontracted product, service, and/or equipment, the tank car facility must comply with Specification M-1003, Chapter 2, paragraph 2.9 by the following:
­­­Evaluating and selecting each subcontractor.
Documenting the verification method and the results of each subcontractor assessment, including objective evidence.


The following locations have been tentatively scheduled for on-site audits but additional facilities can be added upon request:
Victoria Mechanical Services (subcontracted calibration services)
ChemValve (valve supplier)


The cost of our audits to each participant are as follows:
$1,000 for Subcontractor Evaluation (includes completed report & Exhibit B-1)
$1,000 for Supplier Assessment (includes completed report)


For more information please contact Dave Ronzani at [email protected] and 219-670-3401

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