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Do Your Drawings Match Your Tank Cars?


At AllTranstek, we believe it is important to stay up to date on trends and new regulations in the rail industry:


When shopping your tank cars, tank car facilities will be requesting your most current drawings and approvals for your tank cars.  This is due to federal regulations that require tank car facilities to use “procedures to ensure that the latest applicable drawings, design calculations, specifications, and instructions are used in manufacture, inspection, testing and repair.”  During recent audits by the FRA and AAR, tank car facilities have been asked to provide these drawings for cars on which they are performing qualification or maintenance. Auditors are also requiring tank car facilities to verify that the service equipment on tank cars match the drawings provided. If the equipment does not match, the car owner is required to provide the updated AAR-approved drawings supported by certificates of construction [AAR 4-2 approval], the R-1 or TCID  submittal with supporting approvals.


If your tank cars are not currently configured per the original drawings and approvals, AllTranstek is here to help. We can assist in having drawings created as well as AAR 4-2 application submissions to obtain approval of service equipment alterations to your tank cars.


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