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Choosing a Contract Shop


Consider the following questions when deciding on a new shop:


-Find out the shop’s car turn around average and inquire about the expected turn time with the current shopping event.

-Can the shop clean, document and/or dispose of the current product? How will the shop classify the residual product?

-What are the capabilities of the shop? Are they experts at servicing your car type?

-What are the shop’s capabilities to apply my preferred coatings?

-Can the shop complete valve repairs or application? Can the shop certify that the car passed applicable NDT tests? Will the car be load ready upon completion?

-Can the repair be completed by an MRU (Mobile Repair Unit) or will it have to be shopped? What are the empty transportation costs to get the car to a shop?

-Lastly, has the shop recently had a comprehensive audit performed and will they share the results?


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