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2019 Closer Look – Tank Car


Curious about future tank car investments?
​Right size your fleet by reading AllTranstek’s ​2019 Closer Look Tank Car Report.


Eighty pages of tank car segment insights that address: replacement requirements, conversions for DOT 117 compliance, car segment migration observations, and oversupply potential.


The North American tank car fleet is feeling supply/demand pressure across various car types. Find out more by using AllTranstek’s unique Car Demand Pressure Index, which analyzes the relationship between fleet size and carload shipments to illustrate potential fleet pressure. ​


Fleet size and 5-year forecast across 11 segments
Ownership by major railroad, lessor, and shipper
Age profile in 5-year buckets from 1 to 40+ years
Fleet growth/decline trend discussion
Surplus and utilization commentary
Orders, deliveries, retirements
Surplus and utilization commentary



AllTranstek & FTR Transportation Intelligence

The Closer Look Series combines AllTranstek’s rail equipment intelligence with FTR’s dynamic forecasting model and analysis in a collaborative methodology to produce the industry’s most thorough and comprehensive rail equipment forecast and report.


AllTranstek’s Closer Look Report contains key information across eleven diverse car segments.
Download a sample report.

Carload traffic at the STCC5 commodity level
Historical and forecasted traffic volumes
Key STCC5 commodities by fleet segment
Shipment trends
Trips per year

The 2019 Covered Hopper report is available for purchase.


Coming soon! The four remaining Closer Look reports will be released soon. View samples of last year’s reports below. Reports are available for purchase individually or as a complete series.

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