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2019 Closer Look – Gondola


Explore the 2019 Closer Look: Gondola


Utilization of the North American Gondola fleet is heavily driven by the coal market and steel industry.  The Steel Mill Gondola Fleet ships a diverse range of commodities and is increasingly aging.  With fleet rationalization continuing, new build and pricing opportunities may being to surface over the five-year term.


AllTranstek & FTR Transportation Intelligence

The Closer Look Series combines AllTranstek’s rail equipment intelligence with FTR’s dynamic forecasting model and analysis in a collaborative methodology to produce the industry’s most thorough and comprehensive rail equipment forecast and report. ​

AllTranstek’s Closer Look Report contains key information across eleven diverse car segments.


Download a sample report. 

FLEET ANALYSIS INCLUDES:Fleet size and 5-year forecast across 11 segments

Ownership by major railroad, lessor, and shipper

Age profile in 5-year buckets from 1 to 40+ years

Fleet growth/decline trend discussion

Surplus and utilization commentary

Orders, deliveries, retirements

Surplus and utilization commentary



Carload traffic at the STCC5 commodity level

Historical and forecasted traffic volumes

Key STCC5 commodities by fleet segment

Shipment trends

Trips per year



Market Conditions

AllTranstek’s market condition summaries will provide insight for each specific car type. Fleet Outlook

AllTranstek’s car type forecast is built on quantitative and qualitative data by experts with decades of portfolio management experience. Car Demand Pressure Index

AllTranstek’s unique Car Demand Pressure Index illustrates whether a specific fleet is under pressure to build or retire cars.

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