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RideTight® Hosting Transition


Over the years, VSP Technologies and Trelleborg Sealing Solutions (formerly Carolina Seal Chemical Transportation Solutions) have worked to set the bar high when it comes to sealing solutions for the rail industry. Their gasket and o-ring kits and options have made it possible for car owners to best assure that these aspects of their fleets are working as needed. These partner companies introduced the Ride-Tight® program several years ago, which is a comprehensive collection of products, materials, and training to ensure maximum safety, compliance, and efficiency for the shippers’ fluid sealing needs. Now, in 2017 they’re standardizing their document storage and delivery methodology to again ensure the best possible standards.


Starting in September, VSP Technologies and Trelleborg Sealing Solutions will be leveraging AllTranstek’s Document Hosting System (DHS) to put the Ride-Tight® procedures in front of participants, plants, and shops alike. The DHS allows the partners to finalize new and revised procedures, and then once approved by the car owner, have them posted on-line. DHS is structured in a way that makes it possible for the administrator to post the file once, and have all users with access updated instantly, enforcing granular but flexible security around the document access rights conforming to the car owner’s requirements. Revision control and document retention are inherent in the system, and training is almost unnecessary as virtually every for-hire repair facility in North America is already using the DHS to access procedures, forms, drawings, SDSs, and other necessary documents for themselves and their clients. Among the many benefits of using this standardized system are increased savings in terms of both money and time.


​AllTranstek is proud to assist VSP Technologies and Trelleborg Sealing Solutions by extending the use of this tool to their companies at no cost to their clients.


If you’d like to learn more about how the AllTranstek DHS works or how it can help you with your documentation requirements, contact [email protected].

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