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M-1003 Communication


As a trusted provider, AllTranstek is advising M-1003 certified facilities of their obligation to update their Quality Assurance Manual and program requirements before the April 15, 2020, deadline.


Why are you receiving this?  On October 15, 2019, the AAR issued circular letter C-13420 notifying the industry of the availability of the latest revision of MSRP Section J, M-1003 Specification for Quality Assurance.  The latest revision is the culmination of the AAR’s effort to update the QA requirements for all M-1003 certified facilities, including incorporation of applicable industry comments received through circular C-13343.


​​Per the requirements of C-13420 the revised requirements became effective immediately.  However, AAR auditors were instructed not to start documenting related adverse audit findings until April 15, 2020.  This allowed certified facilities six months to make the necessary revision to their QA Manual and to implement applicable changes into their QA Program, including corresponding procedure revisions, QA training, and updating the AAR Quality Assurance Program Evaluation (QAPE) checklist, as necessary.


In addition, for facilities also certified to MSRP Section C-III, M-1002 Specifications for Tank Cars, changes to C-III Appendix B include new requirements for Activity Code demonstrations during the AAR audit.  This includes the requirement for a facility to show how the QA Program is incorporated into each step of your Production, Inspection and Test Plan.  These changes became effective January 1, 2020, per circular letter CPC-1354 and will be applied to each M-1002 facility during their 2020 AAR audit.
​What are your next steps?

To arrange for AllTranstek to assist you in meeting your compliance requirements, please contact one of the following members of our team at your earliest convenience.
Dave Ronzani – Director, Regulatory Compliance | [email protected] | 219.670.3401
Mike Dudar – Manager, Technical Services | [email protected] | 905.708.7098
Gary Alderson – Manager, Quality Processes | [email protected] | 570.486.9910


Thank you for your continued support of AllTranstek.


David J. Ronzani
Director, Railcar Regulatory Compliance

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