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AllTranstek Can Help with Your Next Audit Using the C6r Kit


Are you an AAR Certified facility or new facility preparing for your next AAR audit? For Activity Code C6r, AAR auditors are required to witness a Modification Demonstration. It can be difficult for your facility to have all the required documentation and components to demonstrate a C6r Modification.


To help the modification demonstration, AllTranstek has created a demonstration kit. The AllTranstek kit can be utilized on your valve test bench or as a stand-alone unit.


In addition, AllTranstek can provide assistance for all your other M-1002 Activity Code demonstrations and your M-1003 QA audit requirements. We can help you prepare by working through the same checklists that the AAR auditors will use.

The C6r kit includes:
Old components
New components
Original Certificate of Construction (4-2)
Revised Certificate of construction
Owner’s permission
C6r Kit Service


To find out more, contact:
Dave Ronzani
Director, Railcar Regulatory Compliance
P: 219-670-3401
[email protected]


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