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Lease Abatement Auditing: The Final Step of a Complete Audit


Webinar Replay
Presented by
Iris (Balmaceda) Morales
​with Q&A by Dinora Guzman

How much do you know about lease abatement auditing?

The AllTranstek Car Accounting group presents “Lease Abatement Auditing: The Final Step of a Complete Audit”. With AllTranstek’s applications and trained auditors, invoices are processed and approved for payment and then analyzed to catch discrepancies in charges. Ultimately, claims are made and credits are received, if applicable, to correctly reflect what each car should be charged on a monthly basis.

What can you expect from the presentation?

Deep dive into lease approval services

In-depth exploration of lease abatement auditing

Overview of AllTranstek’s car accounting applications

​Tune in to this webinar to learn how proper analysis of invoices can eliminate discrepancies that affect your bottom line.
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​This session will be moderated by Eric Starks, FTR’s Chairman & CEO.

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