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2020 Non-Accident Release (NAR) Grand Slam Awards


The NAR  Grand Slam Award is presented annually to companies that are exemplary shippers of hazardous materials. An award winner must have been recognized by at least four Class I railroads and have had zero non-accident releases involving their shipments the previous calendar year. A hazardous materials non-accident release is an unintentional release of a hazardous material while in transportation, but not involving an accident.

This past year, 17 companies across the country were awarded the NAR Grand Slam Award, many of whom are AllTranstek partners!


Centennial Energy LLC
Elbow River Marketing Ltd.
Erco Worldwide
Factor Gas Liquids Inc.
Hunt Crude Oil Supply Company LLC
International Chemical Co.
Messer LLC
Methanex Methanol Company LLC
Moose Jaw Refinery Partnership
Murex LLC
Pbf Holding Company LLC
Reagent Chemical & Research Inc.
Rpmg Inc.
The Andersons Inc.
Veolia North America Regeneration Services LLC
Westlake Chemical


​From everyone at AllTranstek: congratulations and keep up the good work!

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